Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday, Happy July 1!

Yesterday was Sunday.  Every Sunday, I go to my Mom's to see her.  I am very lucky to still have her with me.  She turned 80 this year!  I took with me some hand sewing to do on these "little bags."  I've decided to call them Gypsy Bags, as they go anywhere, carry your essentials, hang around your neck (for women) and could even work for men, by changing up the "cording" a bit and making it into a belt. and can be decorated in any manner that makes the creator happy.  I should up the hand work today (I've made about 9), then what is left is to make the faces.  This is okay as it'll give me lots of practice in flat face drawing.....

While at mom's yesterday, I decided on my next project.  While at CIFI this year, Christy Chumley gave me the cutest pincushion!  It is a free pattern from Dollmakers Journey, which is one of the bestest and oldest dollmaking sites on the web.....  They carry over 1700 patterns by all kinds of designers, oddles and oddles of supplies, and more than just a handful of free patterns donated by the wonderful designers who sell their patterns there.  Aside from that, both Bonnie and Mary Ann are The nicest gals who are always jiffy on the spot to send your order.  LOL....that was my plug for the day.

So now I'm off (which is most generally a true statement anyway!)  By the way, we did get a tad bit of rain puddles to splash in, but everything got wet and has left the air with that wonderful aroma....  Pictures soon!  Have a great day.

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