Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yesterday was taken up with a charity golf tourney which provides scholarships to kids who don't qualify for the NM State Lottery.  This is the piece I donated.  The gentleman she went home with actually ASKED for her.  What I didn't know was that he had tried to buy her before the tourney.  He actually won another prize, but asked if he could exchange it for this piece....  No one minded, which means she went to the home she was meant for.  I was very touched.  I also got to visit with both my daughter and granddaughter over lunch.  It was a great day.

Final Pattern for conference bag
So, after a day of no studio time, I am again working.  This is the final rendition of my little conference bag.  So, I'm back in the studio to sew my fingers to the bone (LOL here) and make some to sell.....  I think that I will leave them plain, like this, with the option to add a face or flower, or other decoration to the pocket, all for the same price.  Yesterday, while at the golf tourney, I wore the original yellow one....I had several comments from the women golfers, spectators, etc.  So, it's versatility can fit many genres.  As soon as they are ready to go, I will list one on Etsy and have several others on my website (which I still have to update...LOL, I am soooooo behind!)

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