Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another Sunday Coming Down

Sunday morning and all is well so far.  No rain yesterday, which meant today I water (in the process as I type!).  And as it's Sunday, I will, as is the general schedule, go visit with my Mom.  I always feel so blessed to still have her....what is ever better is that we enjoy a really great relationship.  She's off to Yellowstone Park in a week or so, wish I were going, this is the first year in the last 3 I won't be.  Originally, she was going in May, while I was still in school, when plans were made, my neice said she wanted to go.  She became ill, so was unable to travel then, so they rescheduled for July....  they will have a wonderful time.
Yesterday I promised I would share the pin cushions I'm working on, so here they are.  The Kat is from a free pattern on Dollmaker's Journey, created by Sue Daniel.  I drafted the dog's head, but it is still Sue's pattern.  I will attempt the Bird after I finish up these first ten.  Hope you enjoy them.  Have a wonderful day.

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