Saturday, October 24, 2009

McCalls Pumpkins Patch...

And so off we went to the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch!  We had a wonderful day.   Finally came home, made pumpkin soup and then went off to a bond fire here where I live.  We had a marelous time, see?!

The Girls Are Here!

Yeah!  As promised here are my first 3 weaving projects.  Angel, my oldest Granddaughter is modeling the very first thing I ever wove.  Look closely and you will see a bunch of errors, but I kinda like it.  Then we have Ali, my youngest granddaughter is here modeling two of the bags I've woven....  one is for her (the little blue one, but she thinks it's for someone else! and she doesn't read blogs!) and the purple one is for my daughter who refuses to carry a purse (not that I blame her!).  Hope you like them....  the next two should be off the loom soon and I'm gathering for the next two......

Fall 2009

I'm still attending the University and will finish up my B.A./B.S. in Education in December. This has been the easiest semester I can remember. I am also subbing part time. Some days will find me in Elementary School, others in Mid School and still others in High School.... phew, there are days I just flat don't remember who I am.... LOL.... Anyway, mid-terms are over (and I aced them, this is the class I was dropped from last term, so I'm very pleased, though this is the first time I said anything about it!).

My doll club, KoKopelli's Enchanted Dolls, has purchased a Christmas Tree to decorate and Auction for our local Children's Hospital. Guess I'm going to start making, at least "Pin Dolls" to help decorate this tree.... so stay tuned, who knows what you might find here! Oh yeah, I actually signed up to do the Christmas Doll Swap.... think I'll need to slow down a bt.... LOL.... so much to do, sew many dolls, just not enough time.

In any event, I slowed down long enough this past week to admire Mother Nature in all her Glory. Here you can see her decked out in the beautiful best of all her Fall glory!

40th High School ReUnion....

Then in August I went to my 40th High School Reunion. It's odd how, 40 years later, peoples memories of the events that happen get twisted! You would have thought I was the most popular person that was, when in reality I was a far cry from that. To hear people talk you'd have thought I was a cheerleader, one the Student Council and into everything "big" that we did that year. Truth was the "biggest" thing I was into was writing, art and getting into more trouble than anyone could imagine!!!! Here are two pictures that were taken, one is with Cheryl, I have known her and her twin sister since the first grade! (so for some 52 years!). The other is of Oscar and I, while seniors we ditched school and got in lots and lots of trouble. The pictures are not the best, however, we do look happy!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, this is my first post. Life has slowed down a bit for me these days, although it is still a wild and crazy ride! This is the very last doll I made, during CIFI 2009 in Sherry Goshon and Jean Bernards Class. She is my "Forlorn Angel"