Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July....

Today will be quiet for me.  My daughter and eldest granddaughter will be coming over this morning, maybe I'll fix brunch.  Yesterday I left 3 of my Gypsy Bags at OFFCenter....  didn't get much else done, as it was very much like "old home week."....  Lot's of visiting and catching up.

My blog and no one is reading, so I think I will VENT.....  I HATE, HATE, HATE, rude people....they hurt people, many times without any real valid reason.  It invalidates them, so if you are guilty of it.....STOP!  If you don't like someone, just walk away and STAY away.  Enough, to soap boxes....  I have a decision to make and it may not be the day to do it.

I'll work on some more bags later today as well as start on the pincushion patterns.  Wishing everyone a glorious 4th.  Stay safe, be careful, have fun.  Much love to all.

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