Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Wednesday already....

I have been struggling and struggling with different ideas for pincushions for my birds to be attached to.  I have tried small cushions, larger cushions, even fabric eggs, all to no avail....  So, I think it is almost time to move on to something different.  I have one more idea.  I enjoy the ironical, something--not necessarily "cute," but maybe a bit more on the charming side, that can help lift someones spirts.  I see the expression on this little birds face as being a bit forlorn, not sad so much as an 'OOPS, What have I gotten myself into,' kind of thing.....  So, I think I will try one more thing.....  a cactus or a yucca, something "spikey."

About birds, the hummers are amazing this year.  There must be 30-50 and daily their numbers grow.  I only know that because I keep seeing different species.  I started out with just the females at first, they were joined by the green, red throated one, then of course the copper colored rufus joined them....I must have a whole flock of "rufus'" at this point, I have hummers with straight bills and ones with bills that are slightly curved....however, yesterday a new one showed up, this one is I think female as it has lots of browns, with flashes of blue...  this is the only blue hummer I have seen so far...  I will wait and see if it broadcasts it's feeding spot.

The other thing is I have a bird nesting in an artifical plant in a basket that I hung.  She has 4 eggs that can't be any bigger than the tip pad of my middle finger....I don't see dad anywhere I worry that she is all alone.....

Already mowed the lawn this morning (before 7 am--lol), but I figured everyone was up getting ready for work, or just coming home, not yet asleep....  Need to get busy...maybe tomorrow you will see the results of my cactus experiment....  Have a great day.

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