Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Friday in the Enchanted Realm

You know, I wrote this whole long wonderful post about what I did yesterday but my computer in all it's wonderful genius, decided to freeze up and I will be damned if I know how to get to the saved drafts, so, in an effort to post the pix of the matting and framing I did yesterday...that is all it will be today.

The framed one, Sumer Day, is a gift for my honey..he loved the raw print, which is a monoprint, embossed technique, I have since enhanced it with color pencils to bring out the embossing.  In the green frame, Winter Sunset, for those of you who know me, shouldn't suprise you, is one of the many renditions of a tree.  This was one of my first attempts at a monoprint, not only s
did I hope to capture the bareness of the tree but the vivid colors of our (southwest's) amazing sunsets and I was pretty happy with it for a first try.  In the brown/beige frame is a print from 3 stamps, two of which I created.  The central figure is a combination of two images from the Mayan Calendar, his eye was from a stamp I found in an Egyptian Stamp Collection the 'stone frame' was the other stamp I created.  And finally we come to one of my very favorite prints, this is a Solar print, created from a photo of my eldest granddaughter.  I had manipulated the photo, so that it should have been almost a double/reversed exposure of her.  However, when I pulled the first print, I realized that what I had actually created was a volcano where her hair overlapped.  Hence, Pele, Goddess of Fire, Wind, Lightening and Volcanos....  Hope you enjoy them...

Wishing each of you a Marvy Day!!!  Until tomorrow!


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