Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bird on a Cactus!

Yesterday, I wasn't able to post him....  I have decided that I am definitely going to transform him into a more ridgid sculpture (mixed media, still using some cloth)....I'll share as the process begins all the way through the end.....funny that this will be my first piece, since I have at least 3 other drawing standing in front of him....LOL....None of them are particularly happy to be put off....  I guess I am just in the "bird" state of mind.  And, I will be writing up the pattern for this and the pincushion, which with a bit of luck will be available soon.

I am also about to start some Masks....after all Fall, at least here, high in the Rocky's, is in the air.  That means it's just a hop, skip, and a jump until All Hallow Eve, or Halloween!!!!!  Which means Dios de Muerta (Day of the Dead), Trick or Treat, and Samhain..  fun, fun, fun    
Hoping you are having a wonderful day.....


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