Monday, July 29, 2013

Cactus Flower....

Monday morning and the sun is up and we are still getting an inordinate amount of rain.  House is clean, quiche for the week is cooked as and the eggs are hard boiled....  Lunch is ready to go...  My honey is coming to have lunch today....

Mom is home, other than some back issues (she had to see a chiropractor) she had a good time.  And me, the saga of the birds march on.

To date, this is certainly my favorite!  I've decided that I will call this pattern"Cactus Flower," and am entertaining the idea of commercial patterning it.... if of course there is enough interest....writing a pattern takes a bit of time.  But this is easy and fun and from beginner to advanced, you can let your imagination fun free....  I think I am keeping this one and going to "Bernardize" or "Bling" it out as soon as I get 5 free minutes (LOL....It'll take more than that for sure!)

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