Friday, July 19, 2013

The Start of another weekend!

Yesterday I really didn't get much done at OFFCenter.  Ron asked if I would type up the labels for the new show that is opening today, so I did.  He also asked if I was looking for a job this Fall...  I just laughed....and then as of this moment, I will again be teaching the after school art program at Reginald Chavez Elementary...

As for is the start of another weekend.  Mom is currently in Mohab, UT or on her way to Lava Springs....she, my niece, my niece's son and husband will be gone for a week on vacation.  They are planning on seeing Yellowstone and the Tetons and Jackson Hole and Canyon Land and all the stuff they can pack into 8 days.  That means that I am footloose and fancy free on Sunday, so I have 3 days to play and create.

I am so jazzed by my little bird that I think I will make some for Christmas Ornaments.....A stylized Christmas Dove done in white and white on white with bling!  But first to make some pin cushions with birds on them to give the Kats and Dogs something other than themselves to chase.

Still have to post to my list and facebook as well as read all the email that has accumulated since yesterday.  So here's wishing you a happy and creative day.....  Love to hear your comments....  either here or at

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