Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I didn't make it yesterday, but it was a productive day!  Actually got back into my studio after years and years....LOL...  Let me tell you, trying to remember just how my sewing machine worked was a job all in and of itself!
During CIFI, I wore a very old doll face pocket---I think it might have been a Sherry Goshon pattern, and it was made for me by Kathy in Hot Atlanta (I've lost track of her, drats!).  You know what they say about what is old is new again?  Very True.... I must have been stopped and asked about it by every attendee and some of the other hotel guest as well.
It was great pocket to wear around my neck, as it fit my cell phone, I attached my name tag, and could carry my hotel card key and CC, as well as attach the hotel conference keys.
The bright idea dawned on me, wouldn't it be wonderful to have one that was similar, but wider-as in wide enough to hold my passport, and be just as functional.  So, when I came home from the conference, I drew up a pattern---the first one I made just didn't work, it wasn't wide enough, the lining was too wide, the whole thing buckled...yada, yada, yada---so back to the drawing board, and I drew up another pattern.  It worked much better, AND I added a loop for my readers---anyone who knows me personally can attest I am in a continued state of flux as I can't ever "find" my readers....  So Kudos to you Sherry!  I've yet to "do the face," although the template is drawn up.  But you know I think this would work for those who aren't doll gals!

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