Monday, March 15, 2010

Peggy Wilson Class-WIP

Peggy Wilson, what a wonderful teacher and marvelous person this lady is!  Her classes are small (only 15 persons) so that she is able to give each of her students individual attention!  This was a two day class, I learned so much it was unbelieveable!!!!!!  If you get the chance to take a class with this wonderful artist, don't hesitate.  I have a very short list of teacher's that I will take a 2nd class from, and she is definitely on it!
       As usual, I ventured off on my own path...LOL...Thank Goodness, Peggy didn't mind at all!  We all started out making the Queen of Hearts, "Off with her head"....  however, once I got the mouth done, I realized she wasn't screaming, but singing...  so here is my work in progress...  She will be "Earth Mother Goddess" when she is done.


  1. LOve where you are going with this doll cant whait to see where you go with this doll!


  2. Yes, I agree with hoppa. Keep us posted.