Monday, March 15, 2010

I can not believe!.......

that it is already mid March!  Where has time flown off too?  I've been busy, busy with school of course, and have been doing lots of art work!  One of my favorite classes is bookmaking.  I have made pocket books to hold all my needles, art books, art field journals, books with covers and books that close using ribbions and skewers with rubber bands!  So, school has kept me jumping for sure!  

Winter seems to be never ending here in the Rocky's.  Yesterday was a mix bag of snow, rain, sleet, sunshine, rain, more snow and more sunshine....  over night is snowed an additional 3 inches, such is life in New Mexico.  Don't like the weather?  Wait 5 minutes, it's likely to change.  

Let's see, since I last wrote, I've seen Avatar.  Amazing movie...  Loved it.  Sherlock Homes, Robert Downey Jr.  was amazing and must have trained hard as his naked upper torso was really sweet eye candy and I just saw Alice....  Woo Hoo....  another amazing film.  

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