Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Girls Are Here!

Yeah!  As promised here are my first 3 weaving projects.  Angel, my oldest Granddaughter is modeling the very first thing I ever wove.  Look closely and you will see a bunch of errors, but I kinda like it.  Then we have Ali, my youngest granddaughter is here modeling two of the bags I've woven....  one is for her (the little blue one, but she thinks it's for someone else! and she doesn't read blogs!) and the purple one is for my daughter who refuses to carry a purse (not that I blame her!).  Hope you like them....  the next two should be off the loom soon and I'm gathering for the next two......


  1. What wonderful work Patti1 It is so nice to see what your weavings as beatiful grandaughters you have.

  2. finally managed to get camera, cords and computer all working together!
    Great job, love all the different patterns in the scarf and purple is just my colour.
    Your granddaughters are perfect models!
    Good to see the Phoenix flying again!!!