Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest Projects off the loom

Finally I got my latest project off the loom, I didn't think it was ever going to happen!  The project consisted of two scarfs, one Turquoise Blue and one Lavendar.  The weft was a winter white, only the warf and patterns changed.  My selvages are getting better, but even here you can see the mistake I made.  LOL...  I missed a dent in the reed while sleying.  So, though I would like to take the credit for the lovely stripe being there intentionally, I can't....  However, it certainly makes these two scarves unique.  I used all 8 shafts for this project and a light weight cotton, so this particular scarf came out light, airy and lacy, looking nothing like the pattern that I chose....  LOL...  another lesson learned.  But I'm not unhappy with it at all.  Here is a close up of the pattern and the picture is closer to the actual color.  Notice the difference on the right and left sides....

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