Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Morning!

How's your Coffee (Tea) this morning?

Thursday evening I went to our doll club meeting.  JoAnn Bulman showed us how to make a  wonderful vintage paper doll, dressed in fabric...I started mine, but there wasn't enough time at the meeting for me to finish her.  I had hoped to finish her on Friday (yesterday).

However, yesterday was crazy for me (I had to go to town, my car broke down, I ran to mechanics, even had to do a bit of shopping while leaving the car running and locked..SHEESH), and I realized that as time is growing short before I return to work and school, it's bound to get a bit crazier.  So today, I will sit still....  which means I will try and make lists and figure out what else I need to do, like servicing the pellet stove, arranging propane delivery, sorting out classes, making calls for volunteers for Folk Art Fest, yell at my web site people (they apparently didn't renew my site) and, and, and......  Then as the sun sets and the world grows quiet, I will attempt to finish up Thursday's project.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I visit Mom......  hopefully, I will post a finished vintage paper doll, dressed in fabric then.....

So until then, you have a wonderful day, keep the faith, and enjoy your Coffee (Tea).  Stay well!

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